Tim Clark


My Family Group!
A quick recording with my new guitar. Thanks to my father in law Basil Anthony for support.

Snowbird- Anne Murray from Tim Clark on Vimeo.


I have been performing for many years. My earliest memory is of singing a song at a concert when I was still in Elementary School. I have practiced the art of music since I can remember. I studied voice with Diane Oxner-Macdonald a prominent and well known opera and folk  singer who had students that included notables like Sarah Mclachlan. As part of her tutelage I participated in numerous Music Festivals winning in Italian, German, Folk and Traditional categories for a few years.
I was selected in 1984 to participate in the Nova Scotia Youth Choir for the visit of then Pope John Paul II when he was in Halifax. We were there on the Halifax Commons providing music when he arrived to greet the crowds. He subsequently was canonized by the catholic church and so I have the distinction of being one of very few people who have performed for a saint.


I spent summers at the Nova Scotia Youth Chorale Summer Camp at Acadia University performing and learning music.


I studied music in High School as part of International Baccalaureate courses in Guitar, Band and Theory.


During my time in music in my early years I was a member of various groups including, The ST. Norbert’s parish choir, St. Joseph’s Parish Choir, The Sons of the Sea – Barbershop Quartet Chorus, and the Lunenburg Chorale. I was a three year member of the Park View Education Band playing Trumpet and participating in multiple concerts and competitions.


207538_1021709994185_2962_nI continued to write and learn guitar perfecting my craft and performed music for many people.


After working for a time in the technology industry I decided to add the love of music to my love of technology and combined audio recording, video recording and editing to my life back in 1998. I have not looked back.


I provided recording services and served as  producer  for multiple groups completing 11 albums for others along with three for myself.


Most recently in 2007 I began a musical group with my children.


My children have grown in the business and include Simon 18, Noah 15 and Sophia 13 and we put on concerts throughout Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and within the confines of our home on a regular basis.


We perform a wide variety of music from Pop, to Folk, Country to Rock and even though the oldest is away at University we still love to sing and perform as a group.


181154_10151089481638187_228058453_nI have recently begun to sing with a group in Barbershop Harmony singing as part of the Chordsmen in Cape Breton and have started to supplement my life with the pursuit of music on a semi-full-time basis.


This summer our goal is to share our music with you our audience and provide a sweet sound that you will love to hear.


I have decided to spend the winter recording and writing more original music for your enjoyment.