I have worked for the last several months on an album including songs by artists that I have considered to be influences and Inspirations on my musical style and genre.
I am giving this to you to help you get a feel for what type of an artist you will hear when you come out to a performance. I began working on this solo stuff in between when I was singing with my family group and hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to comment about the songs. They are not all perfect quality and some have been less polished than others but they are all the result of loving the music. I hope you do too.




Written in 2000, this song was about, and for my first two children born by that time. I constantly saw the parent child relationship and wanted to speak about the differences and the similarities between the love of each and every child a parent has. I recorded this as part of a compilation album I produced including 12 songs from 11 other artists and myself and used it to demonstrate my abilities in the studio. I loved working with the artists and producing “In Tune and On Time” – I used it on this album as it was the first song I wrote that was recorded and sold.


The first song I sang at a variety show in Junior High School was a very special one to me and led to a love of the music of Dan Fogelberg. The Leader of the Band was my favourite song since then and one that I continue to use in my concerts. I had the help of Kevin Parks a very accomplished piano player who accompanied me for that performance. I learned to play this on the guitar after that performance. I feel I have closely captured the song that was first introduced to me way back then. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did all these years.




My earliest record (VINYL) that I was given as a gift from my parents was a greatest hits album that included the Gambler, Coward of the County and many other Kenny Rogers songs that I truly love. When he later released this song on an album in 2005 I fell in love with his sound all over again. I truly feel he was an influence on my style in many ways. The early memory of that Christmas morning and opening this album is special. I learned every song by heart and often sang them with family on trips to Cape Breton in the van during my summer vacations. A great memory.


Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior (SAVIOUR if you are in Canada EH!)


I have always loved music of the church and consider myself a practicing Roman Catholic. I never seem to get it right but I still try. As for the music I have very early memories of singing at our little church in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia as a child and being helped with my music by a member of the choir local painter Tila Purcell. She sponsored me to start taking voice lessons by paying for my first four sessions. I always credit her with getting me to a place where I have a lifelong love of music and the ability to sing it better. I dedicate this song to her and hope you enjoy it as well. This song was recorded on April 1, 2016.




I fell in love with this song written by Allister MacGillivray who had roots in Cape Breton as well. I had heard it a lot but saw this done on a TV special with The Men of the Deeps and I just knew I would sing it. At the time I was working with my children performing as a family group and I knew we wanted to do it with just voices. I think for young children they did an outstanding job. We are even mentioned on the Wikipedia page for Allister MacGillivray for performing this and it says, ” In the mid 1970s, MacGillivray penned Coal Town Road for Fergus O’Byrne of Ryan’s Fancy. The song was later adopted as part of the regular repertoire of folk groups like Cockersdale (England), The Clark Family and The Barra MacNeils. Coal Town Road documents an important part of Canadian history in that Canada has experienced the same types of labor and environmental exploitation as the United States—and has reacted in similar song-style ways. Significantly, this song is sung by the Nova Scotian coal-miner group, The Men of the Deeps.[3]



A lot of people know the need to travel outside of our province for work. I wrote this song after my brother gave me the ideas and included some of what he had written in a letter to me. I feel it is the same experience I had when I left for first Alberta then Ontario to live and make a living. I guess this song was influenced by him so that is why I included it after recording it today. (FEB 2, 2016) I will continue to work on this one and polish it but thought you might like to hear it. I had recorded this song a while ago but was not as happy with it.



I have early memories of falling in love with the Nashville sound of country and bluegrass and in the 90’s new country. I have always felt my style of voice was similar in some respects to the sound of Ricky Skaggs. The song was recorded first by Flatt and Scruggs but is most known for Ricky’s sound. I was blessed to hear him perform it live at the last concert of Celtic Colours in Sydney in 2015 and recorded it shortly after. This version is not exact but I had fun doing it and it is a nice tribute to a sound that has inspired me on many occasions.




I sat down and recorded this song today (FEB 3, 2016). It took me a while to decide to do this one. My father was a huge impact in my life. He worked more than anyone I know so everyone in my family could have what they needed. He was a principled man who believed in doing what was right. He lost his battle with multiple illnesses at the age of 70 and his death affected me profoundly. I was with him when he passed and he had a complete belief in a better place for those like him. I believe he is now there and after three years I have decided to record this song as a tribute to the man he was. My wife kept asking me but I was putting off the recording until I could make it through the entire song thinking about the good about Jim Clark.



Although I was born in the 70’s I truly fell in love with the sounds of the Beatles early in my life. By the 80’s I had collected every album and listened constantly to them as much as I could. I was most influenced by their ability to morph to any genre with a variety of sounds and recording techniques that revolutionized my thoughts on what made music sound great. This would be my most played song from those early times and one I mastered on the piano as well as vocal.



My son Simon was born in 1997 and was extremely unhappy in the evening hours starting at 4pm until early morning he would not stop crying. I know that colic is a common problem but I thought I would lose my mind. I was a fan of John Denver and his music and one evening there was a wildlife concert on A&E and when my first born heard the music it instantly quieted him and gave me and his mother a momentary refuge. I taped the show on VHS and every night for close to four months he and I would listen as we walked back and forth to this concert. This track was my favourite from that concert. Sadly Denver was killed but his music lives on in many artists who have been influenced by his style. I used for the first time exclusively the IPAD and Garage Band along with digital instruments except for my voice and guitar track on this one.




In 2000 I lost my home to fire. I got back to the scene and the fire fighters were putting it out still and one of them stopped me and said the words that inspired this song. I know how blessed I am with family and friends and the words to comfort me after a total loss were very important to me. I dedicated this song to all those fire fighters in the world that risk their lives to save others both people and things. I recorded this today. (February 8, 2016) and still today I have trouble making it through the whole song.





Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle are considered by me to be the largest influence on my music and continue to provide inspiration to me. I felt this song was appropriate for my daughter who is always treasured by me and whom I know will do great things. I recorded this for her and about how I feel about her. She has become a great singer over the years we have performed. She plays in the school band and I feel she has great potential.



Another Beatles song for the guitar that influenced me in 1984 to begin playing the guitar and to teach myself to play and use it to help my music be even better. Of course if you read the info on the other song by them above you know I feel they have multiple sounds and genres within their music and that is why I have this second song on my album.



This song was performed by the Rankin Family. When they were getting started with their music career they played the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival in Lunenburg, my home town. I got a chance to listen and learn from them. I saw them in concert on several further occasions including at the Rebecca Cohen, and other venues throughout Nova Scotia. I am a fan and my wife even had a chat and photo with Jimmie once he was a solo act and playing at the Astor Theatre in Liverpool. I recorded this one with my family group because I loved it and thought they would do a great job.



I almost did not include this here. I remember his music and it was an early memory of his stuff that made the grade for this song. I think that he has done more for the music of Canadian singers than he gets credit for.



The Clark Family Group with my kids performed this while we lived in Newfoundland and Labrador. We enjoyed it and I wanted to include my kids on a second track. The version is as traditional as I could make it and a simple approach to a well known song that for most people is the picture they have of a great province we called home for five years starting in 2009.



Another country influence and a song that spoke to me about the loss of loved ones. I especially loved the style of Colin Raye and his music and this is my most treasured song by him. I learned the guitar part note by note and played it often for my wife in our early years.



Written by Billy Joel for his daughter, this is another song that I did for my wonderful daughter. She often says I did not include her in the song I wrote about the boys. It is not that I did not include her it was done before I knew I would be blessed with her. I tried once to add a verse for her because her grandmother pestered me about it and it just did not feel right to me to make such a change. I still think the song was complete for when it was written and so I have sung her songs which I hope make up a bit for it. I am currently writing another song of her own and she will be happy I am sure. I also used this song when I was at a low point in life to keep my spirits lifted as it helped me think of what was important. I hope she knows I feel this way about the two of us and our relationship.



When I was younger than five I remember listening to the songs of Glenn Campbell. I remember singing as I walked the streets of Halifax playing as a boy. This is my second favourite song by the Campbell. It reminds me of him completely. My first of course was Rhinestone Cowboy but I just did not want to do that one as I loved it by him so much as a child.



In 2009 we moved to St. Anthony and I wrote this about the help I got from the father of a co-worker of my wife. He lived in Bridgewater and worked with her when we decided to move to St. Anthony which was his home town. Clyde Patey was his father and he went above and beyond helping us to get settled in the small northern town. He is often misunderstood but he has a heart of gold and did so much to welcome us and to demonstrate what it meant to be a Newfoundlander. I enjoyed the people of the area and have very fond memories of our arrival and assimilation into the local community.




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